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Vacation in Hurghada

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A craving for an exciting yet relaxing vacation is a phase we go through every now and then due to the stressful life we have come to live, a perfect getaway would definitely be Hurghada. It is one of the leading tourist resorts of the Red Sea coast in Egypt. Hurghada serves a variety of interests to different age groups.

Many aquatic sports can be enjoyed there, such as windsurfing, sailing, swimming, diving, and snorkeling. Those who'd like to experience watching the beautiful heavenly under water gardens, taking a glass boat all the way deep in the crystal blue water and observe many varieties of rare fish and coral reefs is a magnificent experience .

Along the main road a range of restaurants and café's are located, offering delicious foods and snacks, but of course unlike the fresh, mouth watering sea food.
The most top rated restaurants in Hurghada are Hard Rock café and of course one of the oldest restaurants in Egypt "Felfela", serving specially Egyptian oriental dishes and spicy vegetarian Egyptian fast foods.

The night life in Hurghada is dynamic; this is due to the multiplicity of night clubs and pubs that welcome both youngsters who want to party vivaciously and adults who want to enjoy few drinks in a serene night out. Black Out Disco in Ali Baba Palace, South Corniche, Jungle Disco, in the Grand Hotel Mall, South Corniche, The Chill Beach Café, El Tabia Beach, Sekala, Calypso Disco, Hadaba Road, Sekala, Papa's Beach Club, El Sakia Beach, Sekala, Kalaboush, Iberotel Arabella, North Corniche, Palladium Discoteque, El Gouna Downtown, and Palma Karaoke Café', Each name has its own attraction and makes you wonder what's behind.

Accommodation in Hurghada varies depending of course on a persons will. It starts from apartment or villas rental with private or shared pool and the options hotel ranks are open. The ten top-Rated Hotels in Hurghada are Marriott Beach Resort, LTI Dana Beach Resort, Fort Arabesque Hotel, Sunrise Garden Beach Resort, Siva Grand Beach Hotel, The Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh, Red Sea Grand Resort, Sunrise Mamlouk Palace Resort, Sunrise Holidays Resort, Titanic Beach Spa, Aqua Park, and private resorts.

Other activities that can be done in Hurghada is going on a day trip or safaris to Roman Mons Porphyrites (mountain of porphyry) which is near Gebel Abu Dukhan (Father of Smoke). Either rent a jeep or go by camels for big fans of nature. There are many beautiful islands there as well, such as Shadwan Island, and Shaab el-Erg are recommended for diving and snorkeling only; other islands are recommended for fishing and swimming as well such as Shaab Abu Shiban, Umm Gammar Island, Shaab Abu Ramada, Shaab Abu Hashish, and Sharm el-Arab.

Shasb Saghir Umm Gammae, Abu Ramada Island, and Careless Reef are precisely recommended for diving only while Dishet el-Dhaba and Abu Minqar Island are famous for their astonishing beaches that allow you to relax under the sun and swim in the clear natural aqua blue water.

Regardless of the choices taken on how one would like to spend their vacation, due to the many options, a pleasant experience is guaranteed.

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