Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Visiting Mount Sinai

Visiting Mount Sinai has a special affect, just the thought of ones presence in a location were many events took place is enough to make your mind wonder...not to mention that the place has strong energy, suddenly you are dragged into a journey back in time.

Located at the foot of Mount Sinai, Saint Katherine's monastery is an old Greek Orthodox Monetary founded in the 4th Century BC near the spot where they supposedly found the remains of Saint Katherine of Alexandria, who was killed by the Romans for being Christian. The modern fortress that you see today was built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian in the 6th century. Currently about 20 monks occupy the monastery and you can take a tour of it, most visitors if not all are impressed with the age of the complex. Some have said that they have never visited a church that really felt as timeless, the priests seem to be out of a painting, serious and focused.

Among the sites in the monastery are a beautiful chapel featuring original doors from the 6th century, as well as the remains of Saint Katherine, the supposed Burning Bush through which is believed that God talked to Moses, and a well from which Moses drank. There is also a macabre room full of all the bones of the former monks of the monastery. Saint Katherine can be done in about an hour or an hour and a half. It is a beautiful monastery tucked into the mountains of the Sinai, and worth a visit.

There are many reasons why tourists from all over the world find Egypt attractive specially Sinai, but when it comes to Saint Catharine its like setting foot in a movie set, except its not fake décor it’s reality, though I have to mention visit the monastery you have to see it before 12, because after 12 the monastery closes to the public.

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