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Alexandria, the City Poets Fell in Love with.

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Alexandria, the second largest city in Egypt, known as "The Pearl of the Mediterranean", Alexandria has an atmosphere that is more Mediterranean, its ambience and cultural heritage distance it from the rest of the country, though it is only 225km. from Cairo. Alexandria is one of the most popular summer resorts in the Middle East for decades it has been the summer destination for the elite.

Since we are speaking of Alexandria there is no way what so ever not to mention the Famous Library of Alexandria which is believed to be a great source of knowledge the most famous library in history, it was the center of learning and scientific research in the ancient world. The Library wasn’t merely a repository for books; it was the world’s cultural and intellectual capital, teaming with influential scholars for more than seven centuries. Despite its demise and disappearance 1600 years ago, scholars and scientists remain preoccupied with its legacy. The library has been rebuilt to become much more than a library, upgraded by adding modern facilities to serve the public.

Special spots and "must sees"

The Corniche

The Corniche is Alexandria's most spectacular attraction. You can’t avoid seeing it nor can you resist enjoying walking along it.

A lot of money has been invested in beautifying the Corniche and returning Alexandria to the glory of the 40s, when Alexandria was the hip place for ex-pats and writers. The Corniche is a nice, wide sidewalk that stretches all along the Eastern Harbor from Fort Qaitbey to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. It is dotted with Casinos built on stilts and rows of beach It is most impressive around sunset and at night.

As many other cities in Egypt, one can see the influence of history in Alexandria, the presence of Fort Qaitbey and the Alexandria lighthouse prove to us so.

Montazah Palace and Gardens

Montazah is a royal palace built between 1892 and 1926 as a summer retreat by Khedive Abbas the second; an ancestor of King Farouk, the last king of Egypt. It was here that the last king of Egypt spent his childhood years, isolated from the realm of public life. Indeed, his sisters too were groomed in the lush surroundings. King Farouk fled from this palace when he abdicated.

The Roman Amphitheatre

The well preserved Roman Theatre was discovered in 1964 in Kom El Dekka and is the only one of its kind in Egypt.

It is modest in size, but in excellent condition. It seated 700-800 people on its 13 white marble terraces. The structure deviates from the typical oval amphitheatre, being more circular.

Fort Qaitbay

If you are on a one day trip to Alexandria then the high point should be to relax on the northern tip of the Eastern Harbor by Sultan Qaitbey’s Fort, an Alexandrian landmark.

This fort was built in the 1480s by Sultan Qaitbey on the site of the Pharos Lighthouse, to protect the city from the crusaders who used to attack the city by sea. Naturally, debris from the Pharos was used. Muhammad Ali modernized the fort in the 19th century.

Antoniadis Palace and Park

The Palace lies near the Mahmoudia Canal at the southern entrance of Alexandria, and is surrounded by some 48 hectares (120 Feddans) of greenery including the Antoniadis Garden, the Flower Garden, the Zoological and Botanical Gardens and the (Nozha) Garden, which was a residential suburb inhabited by the likes of Callimachus (310-240 BC), the head librarian of the ancient Library of Alexandria at that time.

Alabaster Tomb

This Tomb is suspected to be Alexander the Great’s Tomb. It dates back to the 3rd century BC. The Alabaster Tomb is part of the Latin cemeteries discovered in (Shatby). It consists of a squared-off alabaster portal which used to lead to a great tomb.

The alabaster was imported from Greece in blocks, one meter of thickness and three meters height.

How can one have energy for all this? You won’t unless you restore some energy to continue enjoying the tour making out of your stay a spectacular rich vacation. So as for food, it is almost a tradition for locals and visitors to eat fish in Alexandria, Egyptians say that if you don't eat fish when you visit Alexandria, it’s as if you haven't been there, the famous Kadora Restaurant and the fish market offer some of the best seafood in Egypt.

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